“Death shall be the last enemy,” said Jesus. What He meant was that we would no longer perceive death as an enemy. We would recognize that death is not death but a recycling of energy, a remodulation of the cells according to higher assignments in a soul’s progression. The spirit does not die, but rather enters new channels of life. ¶The power of God is greater than death. Our relationships are not severed at death, but refocused beyond physical connection. As our vision of life changes, so will the physical world. As we lift our eyes above the illusion of death, we will begin to see the eternity of life. Jesus did not die when He died, and neither do we.
Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

Many people do not believe in a life after death. Some do not believe that when our animal friends die they move on to another life. I do not understand how these people can believe such things. I don’t condemn them for their beliefs, I just simply don’t understand them.

For me, the necessity of believing in life after this life is done is essential to my very being, to my current life and my current state of mind. If I thought there was no life after this one, I would be in danger of succumbing to the depression that dogs my every step.

Some may say that I am using this belief as a crutch to get through life. And, they are right. It is a crutch that I lean on to survive. Those people do not live inside my head just as I do not live inside theirs.

Maybe some folks can manage without hope. Maybe some folks can live their lives only for today without thinking about death and what may or may not come after. Maybe some folks can live day after day through the excitement and drudgery that is life and still be okay with nothingness after they die. And maybe some folks are okay with the life-spirit of their loved ones, furred or not, simply drifting away into that nothingness when their last breath is let out.

Those concepts won’t fit inside my head. It is not that they are too big the way God is too big and His Majesty and Glory won’t fit inside my head. There’s just no room for that type of belief. The concept of life after death is a part of my being, it lives in my skin, in my very cells. I am unable to separate it from myself, not that I would even want to.

I don’t know the answers to all the questions. I don’t even know all the questions. But what I do know is that, for me, there is life after death, that God is more powerful than death, and when this life is done I will go Home to start a new path on my eternal spiritual journey.




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