We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone.
Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.
– Orson Welles.

I don’t really agree with Mr. Welles in today’s quote. Essentially, yes, we are alone, after all I am the only one inside my body. But, am I, really, alone? No, I was born, as are all people born, with a piece of the Divine inside. The spirit of a person – that is a part of the Divine and it is with us, I believe, from the moment of conception through death and beyond.

The brain inside our head gives us our personality based on our experiences. The soul of a person is the compilation of thoughts and memories and fleshes out the personality, for good or for bad. The body functions in concert with the brain and does its own thing or whatever we ask it to. But in all of that we are alone with just ourselves inside our head. And I can see why Mr. Welles would think we are alone.
Without tapping into the spirit of who we are, the Divine inside, we would be alone. But with our spirit, we are never alone. We always have access to the Divine. Whether we choose to access it or not is up to us.

I have known from a very young child that there was a bit of the Divine inside me. Of course I didn’t realize what It was but I knew I wasn’t alone. That Presence was with me in the dark of night when I was afraid of the monster under my bed and in the next room. The Presence was with me when I tried to hide from danger or the frightening things that were happening around me. I may not have understood It fully but I was safe as long as The Presence was with me.

If we look outward for love and friendship we will always be disappointed and hurt. But the Divine within us will never hurt us, never leave us. We can certainly misunderstand It and be hurt by our perception of It, but in Its most pure form, pure love and unconditional acceptance, we will never – can never – be hurt or damaged by It.

Later, as adults we may have a better understanding of Who the Presence is and we may have to wash the man-made angers and grievances out of our understanding, but the Presence remains the same. Safe, Loving, Accepting. Always. Forever Unchanged.

We are truly never alone.


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