We should all do something to right the wrongs we see
and not just complain about them.
We owe that to our country.
Jacqueline Kennedy, in a televised speech on behalf of the John F. Kennedy Library, May 29, 1964.
William O. Foss, First Ladies Quotations Book

Actually, we owe that to ourselves. We all have secret things we don’t like about ourselves – I’m not talking about physical things—but rather, the things about our personality, nature and emotions that can and need to be changed.

For instance, I could definitely be more patient. I am aware of my impatience with people – especially adult men and women who should know better. I guess my impatience is more tied into expectations rather than people not knowing. I have high expectations of everyone – including myself.

So here’s a perfect example of me with no patience – I am helping a customer on the phone, answering multiple questions when another lady comes up to my window and starts asking me questions. Normally I can answer questions on the phone and the window at the same time as long as I don’t have to think about them – most questions are the same so I give out the same answers all the time – but in this case both customers were asking things I had to think about. The customer on the phone was first so I sort of half listened to the customer at the window. When she kept questioning my answers I got really impatient with her and suffice it to say I behaved so badly that she took my name and will probably file a complaint on me later.

What I should have done was ask either customer to hold on while I helped the other. But I didn’t. I expected myself to be able to handle both in an expert fashion and I expected the customer at the window to know the answers to the questions she was asking. Eventually she told me this was her first time at the window – if I had known that I would have asked her to wait a moment. But regardless, I handled this situation badly and will probably be called on the carpet for it. A lesson learned.

Will there be a next time? I can count on it. Repetition is the best way for me to learn and eventually I will get the message and grow my patience just a bit more. At least I pray so.



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