“But how do you know if you’re making the right decision?”
“Easy!” he said. “Just like two and two always add up to four, kindness and forgiveness is always right, hate and revenge is always wrong. It’s a fail-proof system;
if you just stick to that one simple rule, why, you couldn’t make a mistake if you tried.”
Raymond to Elner, Fannie Flagg, Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven


If you haven’t read this book, really you must. It is funny and touching and has a few jewels of spiritual truth in it – that is if you can get past the irreverence! I believe God has a sense of humor because He gave us one. I think it pleases Him and maybe even makes Him laugh when He sees our antics and the jokes we make at His expense. I believe when we are happy He is happy.

A lot of the time I take life too seriously because I have a maudlin groove in my brain. I tend toward serious books, movies, tv shows and so forth. If I have a choice between a drama or a comedy in any form I will almost always choose the drama. Thank God that everyone is not like me! It would be a sad world indeed if we were all serious and dramatic and boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to laugh. But I don’t laugh as often as I should – in other words, my brain, body and heart could do with more laughter in my life. I am trying to do better with my personal choices. I have sworn off horror and fear-based entertainment (I loved it when I was younger, being death-obsessed as I was). Now I feel that I should work on my addiction to crime dramas; anything that glorifies death, even if it is entertaining and good ultimately triumphs over evil, doesn’t need to be a part of my entertainment diet.

Please know that I am only talking about myself. I would never presume to tell anyone what they should or should not watch or what is good or bad for a person. Each person must make up their own mind; for me, fear or crime-based entertainment is not a good thing.

And as Raymond tells Elner in the quote, “kindness and forgiveness is always right, hate and revenge is always wrong.”


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