We must listen to others with knowledge of the possibility
that they are right and we are wrong.
-Stephen Carter

How hard is it to admit we are wrong and the other person is right? Very hard, if you ask me. When I know that I know that I know something and someone comes along and says “you are wrong” and it turns out that they are right and I am wrong then it is extremely difficult for me to admit to wrongness. Why? Pride. Envy. Hubris. Naivete. Low self esteem and worth. Self doubt.

But if instead of looking at how my wrongness effects me, I need to be looking to God for in Him I will find all the self- worth and assuredness I need and being wrong doesn’t matter. But being human this has a tendency to be difficult. As a human living with a fragile self-view, my first thought is always of self, not of God. If God even makes an appearance in my daily round it is because I have not thought of Him first nor called upon Him for help.

Too often I ignore the psalmist who said, “I will lift up my eyes unto the hill from whence comes my Help.” It is bad enough that this is true in my daily living but especially so in the midst of an argument when I am trying to make a point, prove I am right and bolster my self-esteem.

Before I feel that my back is against the wall, and I am, in fact, wrong about something, I need to stop, take a moment, breathe in the Presence of My Lord, and say those simple words, “I am wrong.” Then, bam! The argument is done and we can go on with our daily lives. And then later when resentment rises because I was wrong and the other person right, again I need to take a beat and “lift up my eyes to the hills” and thank God again for His Help to admit my wrongness and granting me the strength to not become angry and bitter over it.

So ingrained in me is the need to be right, I must remind myself on a daily basis that I am not God; I am not perfect; I do not know everything. God is the only Perfect One in this Universe. God is the Only One Who Knows Everything – and loves me in spite of it or because of it. He also loves the other person as much as He loves me. And for that reason alone I must be willing to listen and admit wrongness when necessary. I am not God’s only child no matter how special I think I am.




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