April is a wonderful month….The scent of the earth reawakening and the sight of Mother Nature’s brilliant display of color will rouse and remind you how wonderful it is simply to be alive.
Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Since I have started taking photos again I am paying better attention to the world around me. Typically I go through life with blinders on, seeing only what is directly in front of me, never looking to the left or right, up or down. I had stopped taking pictures after my nephews grew up, thinking there was nothing left to photograph. I mean, really, how many photos of my cats can I have?

But with my blogging for a while now I started seeing other bloggers post their photos and I realized that there was a whole world out there to take pictures of if for no other reason than I liked it and wanted to. After all, with digital cameras these days there is practically no expense in taking tons of photos and then uploading them on the computer. I get to see them, play and manipulate them and then post them. The only expense is if I want to print them. It is really a win-win situation.

Of course I still hesitate in taking some photos I want to because I still have that “someone will see you and think you’re crazy” dragon breathing on my neck. Sometimes I am able to elbow it in the face and take the picture anyway; other times I give in to the taunts and don’t get the image captured.

Case in point, yesterday I was outside on my break and there was a seagull eating bits at pieces of a slice of bread. Cool pics. But the best part was when another bird flew down beside him and that seagull picked up that stale slice of bread and swallowed the thing whole. I could actually see the outline of the bread in his neck as he worked hard at swallowing it. Really cool pics. But did I take pictures of this scene? No, because people I didn’t even know and will never see again were sitting in a vehicle not far away. I felt stupid for even wanting to pull out the camera. That ol’ dragon won that battle. Maybe next time I will win.

In the meantime, I am enjoying spring in all its beauty and trying to capture as much of it as I can with my camera. Just for the fun of it!

I can never have too many photos of my cats!
I can never have too many photos of my cats!

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