When traumas, be they extreme or mild,
are not resolved they leave behind a slew of painful, unprocessed feelings in the unconscious.
These feelings are never content to remain silent and instead clamor for release.
When they express themselves openly and without disguise this activates the healing process.
– Daniel Mackler

Take if from someone who knows – if the painful feelings of trauma are not released willingly, they will come forth of their own volition. If I had to encapsulate the world’s troubles into one pill – it would be this – that all the hatred and anger humankind feels toward each other and ultimately inflicts on each other is the result of unprocessed and unhealed traumas.

I have learned personally that you cannot run away from the pain in your life. I have learned that I may even pack up my life, move 800 miles away from what I thought was the source of the pain, only to turn around and find that same pain having hitched a ride on the moving truck, moved into my new home and job with me. Only when I confronted it and dealt with it was I able to move on.

My uncle never moved on from the pain of World War 2. As a child whenever I went to visit my grandmother and stayed with my aunt (she lived next door) his nighttime screams became commonplace, as did his alcoholism. He was a good man who suffered unspeakable trauma and did what boys are raised to do – keep everything inside and don’t talk about it. What a disservice was done to him and men like him then and now.

If you have pain or trauma, please, do yourself good and talk about it. Even if it is only to God in prayer or a priest in a confessional. If you can’t speak about it aloud, then write it out in a journal. You can always burn the paper later. Write an anonymous blog. Just get the words out. Get the images out of your head. Take crayons and color them out. There is no right or wrong way of ridding yourself of the pain. They don’t even have to make sense. The point is to get them outside your head and heart and body. Only then, will you begin to be rid of it. Only then will you begin to live the life you deserve – one of Peace and Love.

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