If the world is to be healed through human efforts,
I am convinced that it will be by ordinary people…
people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.
– Joanna Macy

I watched this news program recently about people who are atheists. They were all raised in the church and yet turned away from it to embrace a life without God. These are good, moral people, yet have chosen to not believe in anything greater than themselves, even marginally. They unfortunately have experienced bigotry from not only the public at large but from believers as well.

As I watched this program and listened to these folks talk about the lack of a god for them, I was perplexed and saddened. I have nothing against atheists – or those of any faith – one of the main tenets of my faith is that the God I serve and love and worship is all inclusive and whatever brings peace to your soul and spirit and doesn’t do harm is of God. I figure I’ll let Him sort it all out.

Back to the program I watched – I was saddened to hear that religion had failed them. That perhaps their expectations were such that God was unable to meet them. That perhaps they have a disappointment in all things spiritual hidden deep down inside them. That they have shut off a part of themselves that is a part of God.

I was also perplexed, because as I have written before, I cannot even begin to imagine what life is like with no belief in Something Greater than myself. Or to imagine that humankind is so brilliant and amazing and full of potential that we can solve all the world’s problems on our own. Or that mankind has a deep-seated moral compass that he can follow on his own compass without Outside Help.

If these atheists have found peace in their hearts and lives, then I am glad and I hope they live long and peaceful lives. What comes after life is for their own soul to cope with.

But if there is a smidgen of doubt in their hearts, I pray they give God another chance. Forget man and his religions. Forget feelings. Forget being sensible. Turn to God. Seek God. Find God. Trust God.



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