The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love.
– Marianne Williamson

In the healing process we learn that there are really only two aspects of life – a life lived on a foundation of Love and a life lived on a foundation of fear.

I believe that every single or combination of emotions, reactions, inactions and all the other esoteric things that encompass our lives, at their very root, if you dig down deep enough, is either Love or fear.

At the root of anger is fear.
At the root of hatred is fear.
At the root of jealousy is fear.
At the root of anything not grounded in Love is fear.

I was recently accused of lying. I became angry. I am not a liar. But I hate it when I am accused of lying and I react with anger. That reaction, if I drill down to it, has its roots in fear. Maybe it is fear of not being believed like when as a child I told a story so unbelievable that no one believed me and accused me of lying. Maybe it is a fear of believing myself to be crazy because I know what I saw/experienced/felt but everyone else is telling me different. Maybe I fear I got it all wrong.

Whatever the fear is, when I am told or accused of lying, I react really badly to it. And it controls me in certain situations. The wound remains open and seeping in need of healing. With recognition of the wound comes the first step toward healing. Perhaps this time next year when I am called a liar once again, I will respond with Love and not fear under the guise of anger.

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