You’re never too broken that you can’t be fixed,
but you can’t be fixed unless you’re ready to be repaired.
– Abhishek Tiwari

God can accomplish miracles – yes, even this age of scientific and widespread skepticism – God can and does work miracles. Perhaps we don’t see them because we don’t want to see them. Or perhaps we don’t see them because we don’t need to be shown outright because our brains, having been so evolved, wouldn’t believe it anyway and we would come up with a scientific and reasonable explanation. In times past perhaps the human brain wasn’t as advanced as ours is today and those folks needed to see before they would believe.

Now, in this day and age, we have thousands of years of history to prove God’s Existence through miracles – if we would only have faith. When skeptics say ‘prove it’, I say I can’t. It is a matter of faith. And if you have no faith then pray for faith. A bit of a conundrum.

Anyway, for those who believe in a Higher Being (and even those who don’t), you are never so far gone, so deep in the gutter, so lost in the woods that you are lost forever. If you want to be found, you will be. If you want to have a miracle of God in your life then you will have one. You must be willing to receive, you must want to receive and you must believe you will receive. And the biggest caveat of all, you must be willing to accept the form in which God chooses to work that miracle for you.

If, in your heart of hearts, you hate someone of another color, then God may use a person of that color to reach out to you. If, in your heart of hearts you hate a person of a different sexuality, creed, religion, or whatever, then God may use what you hate to reach out to you with Love. And, if in your hate you refuse to see God in that person, you will miss your miracle.

If you want to be healed, you will be – maybe just not in the way you want or by the method you choose. Are you willing to accept that possibility?

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