Pain is the great teacher. I woke before dawn with this thought.
Joy, happiness, are what we take and do not question. They are beyond question, maybe.
A matter of being. But pain forces us to think, and to make connections, to sort out what is what, to discover what has been happening to cause it. And, curiously enough, pain draws us to other human beings in a significant way, whereas joy or happiness to some extent, isolates.
May Sarton

As physical beings we do not like pain. Nor do we like to be sad or angry or frustrated. But perhaps if we were to take a different look at pain or other negative feelings, we might be able to grow from it.

Pain is a part of being human; no one goes through life without experiencing pain – whether physical, emotional or psychological. No one escapes the villain Pain. If someone says they have never been hurt or in pain or disappointed or lost, they are either lying or, more likely, in denial. Or maybe they chose to forget. Whatever – it doesn’t matter what type of pain you’ve felt – it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

What to do with pain? Physical has the potential to be the easiest – if there is medication for it; if not, that is a whole other issue. Emotional and psychological pain,  there are also man-made solutions for those. From experience I think the best course of action is a combination of God and man when it comes to pain.

I have learned that sometimes I have to sit with pain, allow it flow over me, to wash through me, to rise up and threaten to drown me; I have felt it lapping at my waist then chest trying to pull me under; I have felt it snapping at my heels as I have walked long this path I trod. And when it seems the darkest, when it seems I can’t take any more pain, I remember the Light of Love and pray as best I can for relief. Sometimes it comes; sometimes it doesn’t. But I am buoyed by the whisper of God in my head and heart. And sometimes, that is all I need.



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