We must try to contribute joy to the world.
That is true no matter what our problems,
our health, our circumstances.
We must try.
—Roger Ebert

Sometimes life sucks. It does for me, it does for you, it does for everybody. And sometimes it seems like I get a bigger dose of suckiness than everybody else. And to top it off, as a child of God I am obligated not to spread that suckiness around – not because I supposed to pretend it doesn’t exist but to show myself that life is more than the current malfunctioning of my life.

When I, out of anger or frustration or meanness, take out all those emotions of malfunction on unsuspecting humans or other creatures I am telling myself that God either is too busy to care or if He weren’t busy He still wouldn’t care anyway so I might as well be a b**** to everyone I come across because it doesn’t matter anyway and my life will suck no matter what. I am saying to God that I don’t trust You with my life, I don’t believe You are acting for my good and maybe, even, I don’t really believe You are there.

I believe God has tasked me (us) with the job of trusting Him no matter what, no matter what. And, frankly speaking, it is not easy.

When something goes wrong, whether in my control or not, my first reaction is to blame someone else. For instance:

• I’m late for work because the 7-11 clerk was slow (reality: she was being nice to someone else and helping them)
• I am snippy with my doctor for making me wait 45 minutes to see her (reality: she was taking her time with all her patients as she will with me because that is the type of physician she is)
• I almost got into a wreck because the car in front of me cut me off (reality: I was too selfish to let them in ahead of me)
• And so on and so forth.

Much of the trouble or discontent or malfunctioning in my life is my fault. As Harry S. Truman announced: “the buck stops HERE!” and I need to own up and take responsibility for my problems. I need to reach out to God and trust that He does Love me and Cares for me in spite of my stupidity, my insolence and my ungrateful behavior.

When I trust God has the best in mind for me it relieves me of the burden of carrying around the suckiness of my life and frees me to be kind, generous, loving, patient and just plain nice to other people. When I trust God, I allow His Loving Spirit to flow through me to touch the suckiness in the lives of others. And that is as it should be, as it needs to be, at least for me.

land meets water e


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