Postures of the body often give courage to the soul. Smiling dissipates fear, raising the chin diminishes inferiority and a positive answer emboldens the heart. The words we say (“I know I can if I try.”), the attitude we embrace (“It may be difficult, but it’s possible.”), and the action we take (“Let’s give it all we’ve got.”) are postures of confidence that give God a chance to show what He can do.

Niki Anderson, What my Cat has Taught me about Life 

My grandmother used to remind me as a child to sit up straight and walk with my head up, not bent, looking toward the ground as I normally do. Even today I constantly remind myself to sit up when I find myself slouched over or to look up at the world around me when walking when I realize I’m looking at the ground. When I do those simple things, my attitude changes.

When I slouch or look down, my body is telling my soul and spirit and mind that life is bad and I am defeated by it. But when I tell myself to stand tall and sit tall, I am physically saying my life isn’t as bad as all that and I refuse to be defeated by it.

LadyBird, my Chihuahua, came to live with me in fall. When I would take her out in the morning (3.15 am) I would find myself trying to stay warm and trying to hurry her up. By the time winter had arrived I really hated taking her outside because it was so cold. I would huddle up in my coat, look to the ground and say things like, “hurry up!”  But if you have a dog then you know they really don’t pay attention to their humans during their ‘toilet’.

Then one morning I looked up – not just straight ahead – but straight up – at the sky.  I saw how beautiful the sky was on a clear, cold morning and most importantly – how quiet it was, how still the neighborhood was and even the interstate (which is just down the street and provides a constant white noise background virtually 24 hours a day) was silent.

At that moment I realized how I was wasting not only those precious silent minutes but also how much I still look down at my clay feet and how little I look up to God. When I look at my feet I am reminding myself I am a human with no help to move through this world. But when I look up to God, I am telling myself I may be human, but with God’s Love and Help I am able to move through my life and not be defeated or downtrodden by it.

If you find yourself with a bad attitude or in a bad mood then ask yourself – where am I looking? Down at my feet or up toward God? It may make all the difference in your day and maybe your life.



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