We walk through ourselves meeting robbers, ghosts, giants,old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers – love. But always meeting ourselves.
James Joyce

            No matter how far we run or how fast or how well we think we can hide behind dark glasses, beards, stylish fashion or anything else that distracts you can never hide from yourself. Well, that’s not quite right, you can hide from who you truly are but that is like giving yourself a life sentence in the worst possible prison, in the deepest, darkest cell there is and living out your true life in misery and sorrow. When you hide from yourself nothing will satisfy, nothing will sate the desires that drive you, nothing will give you true, long-lasting, life-enriching peace.

            I know of someone who moved to a different state because she wasn’t happy with her life and thought a change was in order and that she could become who she wanted to be, or who she thought she wanted to be. One and half years later she moved back to her home state after she realized she was just as miserable there as she was at home, but at least at home she had family to lean on.

            That someone was me. I tried to run from my misery and it followed me. And it followed me home again. It was only when I began to truly listen to me, to my true self which is that part of me that is part of God, that I slowly – ever so slowly – began to find the healing and peace I desperately wanted.

under foot b


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