What if woman were to allow herself to trust her own unhappiness and to make life changes – changes that would allow time and place for her to experience her life as it lives itself out slowly, moment by moment? To allow herself time and place to be present to her own burning fire, the water springing from the rock of her own experience…to allow herself to leave behind the jet plane, the express lane, and simply to be, there, for a moment, present to her own life?

Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones, Woman’s Journey to Herself

            Women are conditioned from birth to be more than men but not to show it to anyone. Women must take care of the children, the house, whatever other job she has to take on because the pocketbook or society demands it, her male partner’s needs and never, ever, ever put herself first. If she stands up for herself, she is aggressive and labeled a b****. Women have been so degraded throughout the eons of time – in both Western and Near/Far Eastern cultures, she degrades herself and her sisters. Is there any release? Is there any hope for women?

            The refuge of women is the refuge of man as well: God. But even there, in Him, women are conditioned to think of God as male. To think otherwise is blasphemy – at least to the male-dominated religions.

            God is neither male nor female; God is neither black or white or any color/ethnicity in between; God is not Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim nor any other faith any person or society can dream up. God is none of those things – He or She or It is Spirit – a Being that encompasses all those things and more. God is Indefinable in God’s Totality. As mere humans we are unable to comprehend the full Majesty of God. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

            And to try means we open up ourselves to the possibility that God is more than what we think or perceive. We also need to open ourselves up to the possibility that women are more – way more – than we give them credit for. And if we want balance in our lives, we open up our hearts to the women around us and give them space to be who and what they want to be and to not criticize them for it. After all, God is as much female as He/She/It is male as well as everything thing in between.

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