Never hidden from God

The God who flung the heavens into space, the planets into orbit— the God who created violets and waving Spanish moss won’t be confined to any human concept. It is, of course, our distorted concept of Him which goes into that pat answer we concoct, and it is we who are the losers when we do not find Him exactly as we decided He should be.   Eugenia Price, No Pat Answers

dawn b

I’ve been thinking about the power of God these past few days and I’m thinking how easy it would be to blame Him for the lack of it in my life – and in my family’s life. My family has been going through a rough patch these last days -not that we haven’t been in some before – but this one is different. And though we don’t talk openly about it, I wonder if we aren’t all questioning whether God has chosen to bless us or curse us.

I suppose we could say that God has cursed us and therefore He doesn’t love us; or we could say God gave us these trials for a reason and then we search to find the reason. And while I have my doubts about God, somewhere deep in the soul of my soul, I believe these trials are not sent by God and that there is no ‘reason’ for them. They just are. Human bodies break down; they get sick, sometimes they recover and sometimes they don’t. Yes, God created these fleshy temples for our spirits but it doesn’t mean He wants illness to happen. It just does. And to truly understand that there is no reason for it  is to accept the full Love and Care of God for His children – for me – for my family.

So, this is what I have decided for me – each of us has to decide how we are with God – I choose to trust God. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know if and when healing will happen. But I trust God. I trust Him to be my Rock, my Shelter and my Comfort. And that each day I must choose again,  because with each dawn brings fresh doubts and a choice – do I trust or do I turn away? I pray for the strength to make the right choice for me each day.


The Greatness and Power of God

When I was six or seven years old I saw the sea for the first time. The sight made a deep impression on me, I could not take my eyes off it. Its majesty, and the roar of the waves, all spoke to my soul of the greatness and power of God.  – St. Therese of Lisieux

When I was five or six I was burning foam rubber under the house (I just wanted to see it melt). I heard my name being called. I ignored it and kept on lighting matches. I heard my name again. Figuring it must be mom I buried everything in the dirt and ran into the kitchen – asking mom what she wanted. She looked at me and said she hadn’t called me. I told her I heard her call my name. She said she hadn’t. I stood there as she turned back to finish dinner (or lunch or whatever) and a warm feeling washed over me. I knew it had been God who had called my name. A clear, strong Voice I heard in my heart but not in my ears was loud enough for me to stop doing that dangerous thing I was doing.  It “spoke to my soul of the greatness and power of God.”

My thoughts . . .

My thoughts belong to the Holy Ghost. They are not mine.  – St. Therese of Lisieux

Sculpture by Camille ClaudelRodin Museum in Paris
Sculpture by Rodin; Photo by Robert Frandeen

What a powerful statement that is! If we really consider it and take those words to heart, how many of us would watch what we think about ourselves and others. How humbling and disconcerting, yet oddly comforting. Its a good thing God is the Perfection of Love for His Creations.