At the beginning of my spiritual life, about the age of fourteen, I used to ask myself how, in days to come, I should more clearly understand the true meaning of perfection. I imagined I then understood it completely, but I soon came to realise that the more one advances along this path the farther one seems from the goal, and now I am resigned to be always imperfect, and I even find joy therein.  –  St Therese of Lisieux

pod bw 0720a

What does it mean to be perfect in a spiritual sense? Can one ever be spiritually perfect? I’m with St Therese on this one – the only Perfect One is God Himself and the sooner I accept the fact I will never reach that goal of perfection, that I will never perfectly follow the spiritual path, that I will never pray the perfect prayer or think the perfect thought the better off I will be. That doesn’t mean I don’t try – it just means I will be okay without ever reaching that Perfection Goal. And God in His Unfathomable Mercy loves me anyway.


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