Sometimes  when I am in such a state of spiritual dryness that not a single good thought occurs to me, I say very slowly the “Our Father” or the “Hail Mary,” and these prayers suffice to take me out of myself and wonderfully refresh me. 

-St. Therese of Lisieux


Spiritual dryness is a scary thing – at least to me.  I’ve been through a few days with no sense of God’s Presence. Other times, I’ve gone as long as several months with no sense that God has even heard my prayers. For me, this is where I rely totally on what I believe  – all the way to the marrow of my bones – that God will never leave me or forsake me. It doesn’t matter what I feel.

I remind myself my faith isn’t based on feelings. It’s based on a Promise.

I don’t like the desert days/weeks/months, but they are a necessary part of spiritual growth and refinement. And, in the end, God is there and will always be there for me as He was with Sister Therese.

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