When I was six or seven years old I saw the sea for the first time. The sight made a deep impression on me, I could not take my eyes off it. Its majesty, and the roar of the waves, all spoke to my soul of the greatness and power of God.  – St. Therese of Lisieux

When I was five or six I was burning foam rubber under the house (I just wanted to see it melt). I heard my name being called. I ignored it and kept on lighting matches. I heard my name again. Figuring it must be mom I buried everything in the dirt and ran into the kitchen – asking mom what she wanted. She looked at me and said she hadn’t called me. I told her I heard her call my name. She said she hadn’t. I stood there as she turned back to finish dinner (or lunch or whatever) and a warm feeling washed over me. I knew it had been God who had called my name. A clear, strong Voice I heard in my heart but not in my ears was loud enough for me to stop doing that dangerous thing I was doing.  It “spoke to my soul of the greatness and power of God.”


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