What do we do in the dash?

When you walk in a cemetery, some of the gravestones are ornate, glossy Italian marble with expensive carvings and elaborate flourishes. Some are spare and simple. But all have the same four elements: a name, a birth year, a death year, and a dash between those two dates. It is what we do in that dash that counts. ~~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

022816 time flies

What am I doing during that dash – the dash that means my existence on earth? Am I wasting it by doing nothing of world importance? Is my life any less meaningful because I am unknown to the world-at-large? It is easy to feel that way – it is all to easy to feel abandoned and alone.

It is during those times I must rely on faith that I am not alone. And, although I am one person, alone in a world of billions, I am important to the One who is Eternal, Unchanging and Timeless. I may not understand all the workings of His Being, and never will, it doesn’t matter. It can’t matter.

And even though I fall over into the dust, bang up my ego and allow my feelings to be hurt, I remember I am in God’s Time. And for today, that is enough.




Unbound by time

. . .biblical phrases describe God by means of past, present, and future, since human tenses are our only option. This is appropriate—at this point—because it’s how God has chosen to reveal himself to us. But God is uncreated, unchanging, unbound by time.  ~~ Ellen Vaughn

022616 time

Still trying to expand my view of God – as in ‘how big is my God’? So yesterday when I was driving home and a person in a car cut me off and nearly hit me, I started to get mad – then I remembered – I am in God’s time. Does that mean that driver is also in God’s time? Are we all in God’s time and just don’t know it/realize it/accept it?

If God is Unbound by time and I am so bound by it, where do we meet? Where is our common ground? To say Jesus is our common ground may be true, but its also too simple – at least for me. Maybe I am over-thinking this thing. Maybe this is a heart/soul thing and not a heart/brain thing. Maybe. I have questions and doubts; and gratefully, God is Big enough to handle them.


Time’s Succession

Time’s succession of consecutive changes is what keeps everything from happening at once. Its sequential ordering of life is so much a part of us that we cannot conceive of existence without it.

So we have to constantly remind ourselves that God the Father—more alive than we can imagine, from everlasting to everlasting—exists, not in time like us, but in eternity. He is not bound by time.  ~~  Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

time's gears

So I am learning – however slowly – about this being at peace with time  – I keep reminding my self that I am in God’s time and just this morning I thought about my job. If you don’t know, my job consists of wearing headphones 8  hours a day answering questions and taking complaints. That’s right, I’m one of those customer service representatives on the phone that you (well, maybe not you) yell and scream at when something goes wrong and it’s not the rep’s fault that you don’t like the rules of the corporation but you’re going to curse her out anyway because it makes you feel good. I have issues.

Anyway, this is a tough job in and of itself, let alone for someone who is an introvert and in another century would have been a cloistered nun. So now I must expand my thought about being at peace with time. If I truly believe that I am in God’s time, then I am at this job because He wants me there.  And all the people I deal with on a daily basis – and 95% of them are rude bullies with no manners – then somehow I have to wrap my head (and heart) around the possible fact that they call me – not just for what they want – but because as I am in God’s time,  are they, too, in God’s time? And if that be the case, why do I hate my job so much?

Maybe because I am focused on the people and not God.  Hmmm. Something to ponder. . .