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I have just finished a novel, the second dystopian book in a row and it has bummed me out. The first book was the destruction of the world through nuclear bombs. The second one was a man made virus that swept the globe and wiped out 99.9% of all mankind within a month or so. The very sad thing is that both of those scenarios are plausible. It could happen in my lifetime. It could happen in my nephew’s lifetime. Or it could not happen at all.

The thing that struck me the hardest was both scenarios are man-made. And it makes me wonder a couple of things.

  1. Why would God, in His Infinite Power and Wisdom, create such a contentious being as humans?
  2. How can He stand by and let us destroy ourselves in the – I can think of no adjective strong enough to go here – way that we do?
  3. Mankind has the smarts to do all sorts of wildly creative things. The question is not “can we?” but is “should we?”
  4. And finally, that while the first two questions will never fully be answered this side of His Presence, what I am sure of is that without God, without His moral and spiritual compass guiding us to True North, we will surely go down the path of self destruction in a heartbreakingly spectacular way.

The next book I am reading is a spiritually inspirational book. I need my own moral/spiritual compass reset back to True North.


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