“My curiosity about time starts with three things.

“The first has do with how big God is and how small we are. People often say that Christianity is about a “relationship with God.” True. But as I get older, I wonder: what does it really mean for a mortal being to have a “relationship” with One who dwells in eternity, who lives in cosmic dimensions beyond our conception?

“How can a human biped, so trapped in time, really live in connection with a God who transcends it?” ~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

time flies

What a really great question – I wonder if there is an answer – there is one for Ms Vaughn, I suspect, as I continue to read her book. But will there be an answer for me? I have one of those “relationships with God” and still . . . how can I believe in Something so vast, so amazing – believe it to the core of my being, the very marrow of my bones and yet still doubt?

Will I ever get to the place where the surface me and the marrow-of-my-bones meet and join as one?

God is beyond my conception and yet I know He Loves me and Guides me and Protects me everyday. Opposites that don’t match – at least in my head and heart. Will I ever get it? Maybe, one day; or maybe not.


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