What we do know is that God is far beyond our own experience. Eternity is more than we can comprehend. It is good to cultivate awe and wonder about such mysteries . . . because how we think about time, use time, and have peace in time—or not—depends on how we really think about God.

How big is He? Do we trust Him, really? Do we believe that He has given us “enough” time?

If we believe what we say we do—in a huge, sovereign, good God who created all things, including time, and has ordained both our days on earth and our entrance into eternity—we will not be anxious about time. We are in fact rich in it. We can enjoy God’s present. We can relax, and smile. ~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

time flies 022016

Really? Relax and smile while my life tick-tocks away? I do believe in a huge, sovereign, good God who created all things, including time, and so on and so forth. But as I notice each day new gray hairs, less supple skin, wrinkles and dark age spots appearing it is hard to relax and smile about time passing.

It is hard to climb out of my mortal skin and into the Higher Plains of Spirit.

When I look at my hands – even as I type these words – my once beautiful hands with their long fingers, strong fingernails and smooth skin – now nails brittle, veins showing through thinning skin, age spots and wrinkles – they look old – time that passed by me without me even realizing it – makes me want to cry. And even though I believe in a Kind, Loving God who created this time that passes, I am unable to relax and smile about it.

I have never really worried about aging – until now – now when I begin to think about time. And maybe it isn’t being old – it’s the process of growing old that disturbs me. Me and a hundred million other people around the globe. I am not alone in this age thing. But it sometimes feels like I’m alone.

And when feeling alone I do try to dig deep into my marrow and remember to try to trust the One Who Loves me and Created me – even if He Created me to grow old.


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