For me, touching—ever so lightly—on the astounding nature of time, the universe, and the reality of God’s great weight of glory stirs a new sense of wonder, awakening worship.   The truths of God’s great deeps, unfathomable as they are, lift our sights from the commonplace.   

Thus the echoes of the Big Beginning and the unspooling of time lure us to worship the Creator who flung everything into existence, to sense our own smallness, and to both fear and trust in One so huge.

In turn, we can release small fears and worries. We can savor each little earth-day we are given, and live with purpose, even a sense of legacy…for what we do in this life echoes in eternity, in ways we cannot understand until we arrive there.  Wherever there is.  ~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

time flies 3

This afternoon as I was driving to pay a bill – only part of the bill – I began to worry and get anxious over not being able to pay the whole bill today. It’s overdue, as are many of my bills, anyway, I felt myself start to tense up and the muscles in my neck and back start to tighten, worry creeping through my body.

And then a thought. “How big is your God?” Well, I believe Him to be bigger than big, huge, tremendous, bigger than I could ever imagine. Another thought, “Why are you afraid? Why are you worried?”

And as I thought on those thoughts a little bit of peace crept in, my muscles unwinding just a bit, and I repeated to myself, “I’m in God’s time.”

Nothing has changed as far as things to worry about. But I am going to make a conscious effort to remind my brain that I am in God’s time and all will be well.


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