I was grown deaf by the clanking of the chain of my mortality, the punishment of the pride of my soul, and I strayed further from You, and You let me alone, and I was tossed about, and wasted, and dissipated, and I boiled over in my fornications, and You held Your peace, O Thou my late-found joy! You then held Your peace, and I wandered further and further from You, into more and more fruitless seed-plots of sorrows, with a proud dejectedness, and a restless weariness.  . . .  For Your omnipotency is not far from us, even when we are far from You. ~~St. Augustine

jesus crying

One of the most important gifts God gave His children is that of Free Will. Each person makes the choice to follow Him or not.  And, He might not even interfere – at least not until He deems the time is right – and even, the choice still remain with us.

I’ve strayed from God’s Presence way more than once and yet, He remained close to me though I was far from Him. And I thank God, praise God, and love God for that – He is a merciful and loving God even when my choices drive a wedge between us. When am far from God – it is my choice, my decision. He won’t abandon me, but I have abandoned Him.

So I continue to pray each day (or almost each day) that I remain close to God, listen to Him and follow in His ways.


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