I had a lot of ideas about God that weren’t actually God’s ideas about God….with each successive layer of circumstantial pain, new false ideas of God that we’d carried were unearthed. I needed a shift, foundationally, in order to grow up and out of these skewed ideas. ~~ Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Pg 92, by Sara Hagerty

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It is amazing the number of influences that can skew a vision of God.

With an abusive father I learned that Father God was filled with conditional love, harsh judgments, and terrible punishments. With the wrong church leaders I learned that if I do the right things, say the right things, believe the right things, God will love me. Also, that God only loves certain people and condemns the rest based on their sexuality, gender, race, religion. From religions not Christian I learned that God is in all things, is all things and can be worshiped in many ways and forms. I learned that God is in every culture known and unknown, and exists in those cultures in forms I am not familiar with, and therefore must condemn, because, after all, the only way to God is through the Cross of Jesus. Through physical and psychological pain I learned I must be good to deserve the healing touch of God. And there are so many more.

All of these visions of God have a ring of truth to them. They sound like truth. But are they, really?

I don’t think so – not the complete truth, anyway. No one faith, religion, belief system or person has the Whole Truth of God. Everything we know and believe in comes through a very human filter of experience that colors and skews our faith. So what do we do then? So what do I do now?

Continue forward, trusting in the faith I do have that God will illuminate my path to His Truth, as He wants me to see it. Only God is able to break through the human barrier and speak directly to the heart and spirit. If I have eyes to see and ears to hear I will learn to be confident in His Love.


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