…, I searched the Psalms. Line upon line, this book showed the chasm of my understanding. Line upon line, this book brought me back to adoration as a way to bridge the chasm between my perceptions and God’s truth. Day after day, I felt the relief of holding my toxic thoughts up to His beauty. I saw more clearly the disconnection between who I said God is and who I believed Him to be. I saw that pain wasn’t a result of my circumstances; pain was a result of my detachment from the Father. Circumstances were merely unearthing my view of life. ~~ Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, by Sara Hagerty, Pg 94


It’s been a very long time since I read the Book of Psalms. I don’t even know if I’ve ever read it through completely. Maybe it’s time I did so. Not reading it as one reads a novel or nonfiction book; but slowly savor it moment by moment, or as Ms Hagerty says “line upon line.” Somehow I get the feeling Psalms is more important than I’ve given it credit for. Yes it is filled with adorations of the Majesty of God, but it doesn’t hold truth the way the Gospels do – or does it?

Psalm 23 is truth filled, is it not? That Psalm is sort of a mantra for me – under times of duress or unreasonable anxiety attacks I focus on those words, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” and by repeating it aloud or silently over and over I am calmed down. Sometimes I can’t remember it all so I have to concentrate which forces me to stop and settle. Isn’t that truth personified through His Words? Well, it is for me.

So, perhaps, in my continuing journey toward/with God, the Book of Psalms will be a nice place to rest for a while.


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