Today I am grateful for

  • the close to 16 years of love my mom’s cat Frankie brought to our lives. He and his 4 brothers and mom were left on our porch back in 2010 and as a family, mom, my sister and I took them all in. We’ll never know who abandoned them on our porch that night so long ago, but we will be eternally grateful for their callousness and generosity for at least leaving them on the door step of cat lovers.

Frankie Eternal Love


  • one beautifully sunny day sandwiched in between many rainy ones.

in the light


  • 5 days of blissful freedom of not having to work. Yea! for paid vacation days.



  • the fragrance of blooming flowers wafting through open windows which leads me to think of the Love of God.

5 or more items 2

















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