• Certainly, in our limited human condition, we cannot think of God as He really is. But if we are drawing our image of God from the wrong sources, then our God is too small. God can’t be found in unsanctified imaginations or in the caricatures of pop culture. He is not “The Man Upstairs”. He does not “help those who help themselves.” God is not the proud grandpa of a bouncing bloodline of Merovian kings. He is not our copilot.
  • And He’s not you or me, no matter how many spiritual guides say things like this: “it is time for you to accept that the God within you is your higher self. . . . Understand that when you say God, you refer to your higher self.”
  • Idolatry comes when we substitute the worship of the immeasurable, real God with a god that is too small.
time peace  Time Peace by Ellen Vaughn

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