*God has traditionally been viewed and presented as masculine—some of the words describe Him are king, lord and master.  The feminine has been suppressed except in our carefully controlled female saints and mystics. Even Mary, the most powerful feminine figure in Christianity, is robbed and made ‘a handmaid of the Lord’. This is not to say that she and other female saints have not imparted a sense of a sense of the sacred; it is just that they are over shadowed by the patriarchal god of power and might. –  Galen Gillotte


*If you’ve never consciously thought of the dual nature of Divinity—the feminine as well as masculine—could you be open to viewing ancient truth with fresh eyes? 

 *Spirit is greater than gender and the ineffable is, quite frankly, meant to be Unknowable. What gave me a sense of peace in my searching was not choosing between them but praying to both the Lord and Lady of Life, the Great Father and Mother, the God and Goddess or God/dess. Each aspect of Divinity is an equal partner in a healthy, happy, holy mystical marriage. Both Forces watch over the world and each of us, no matter what we may call them or how we envision them. –Sarah Ban Breathnacht

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