*The potential for a loving relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with God is a gift. We cannot make it. But we can choose to be oriented toward the only place loving can occur, namely right here, now, where we are. Just the living of that orientation makes it more possible for this gift, this blessing, to happen to us and for us to receive it.  

*To love we know we must meet each other somewhere. We know that place of meeting is none other than the here and now. There is no meeting anywhere else. We cannot live separately from what is.

We are given bodies. We are given the world. We are given time. But without attention, without awareness, without true presence, we do not meet, we do not find each other.

In the here and now dwells the truth that all of us are limited…that we are continuously moving and changing…always longing and reaching for the not-yet. The truth is that we are the energy in these bodies, burning through time…that we are dying. This is fundamental—our earth, our water, our air, and our fire.

Let us meet where we already are, in the elements of our vulnerability. In this we are together and we cannot do without each other. This is basic.  Our neighbor is our self.  

*Love is a direction and not a state of the soul.  – Simone Weil  

becoming bread

Becoming Bread – Embracing the Spiritual in the Everyday

By Gunilla Norris



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