Spiritual Practice

        illuminWe must be about our Father’s business, which means the business of our Source, which is love and love only. Anything loving that we do or think contributes to the healing of humanity. …
        Every loving thought we think is a powerful key to the kingdom. Through prayer, meditation, and the silence of a profound holiness, we refocus our dispersed and irresponsible thought forms. … In understanding ourselves, we come to understand the world. In allowing ourselves to heal, we become the healers of the world. In praying for peace, we become bringers of peace. …
        Spiritual practice heals us, bringing down light to the regions of our darkness. We need more than brilliant analysis; we need a miracle. The human mind can’t give us that, but the human mind isn’t all we’ve got. The human mind contains a spark of divinity, and that divinity illumines us. The illumined mind has transcended worldly illusion. It’s so drawn to the light that it merges with the light. And in that merger lies the hope for mankind.




Mass Denial

       illuminWe must stop looking to our leaders to bolster our mass denial. We must not perpetuate the illusion that the right government, the right technology, or the right armies can fix our problems. They cannot. We must ask our leaders to help us give up our mass denial and get down on their knees along with us, that all of us might pray to God to do what only God can do.
        God is a peaceful ground of being. He is the energy of nonviolence. To ask Him to help us is to ask Him to turn us into profoundly peaceful people. …
        With every prayer and every thought of love, we release the light that will cast out darkness. One light alone seems small and weak, but no one’s light is ever alone, for all our lights are part of God. We are bolstered by Him and by each other.



The only medicine is love

illuminOur environment now threatens us as we have threatened it, through internal as well as external pollution. Acid rain singes the earth and hatred singes the soul. Only spirit can handle the heat. Only love can counter the hatred that has metastasized like cancer, eating away at humanity from Sarajevo to Rwanda to the streets of the United States. There is no form of government enlightened enough, no legislation powerful enough, no army or police force strong enough to contain the forces of darkness unleashed by global hatred. It’s as though Hitler was a tumor, and we hoped that with the end of World War II we had gotten out all the cancer. But we didn’t and it’s spreading now, at a rate so fast that the only chance of instantaneous remission offers any hope for humanity at all. Hatred itself is the problem; not this group or that group. Hatred itself is the cancer that threatens the survival of the species. The only antidote is spiritual. The only medicine is love.