illuminWe must be about our Father’s business, which means the business of our Source, which is love and love only. Anything loving that we do or think contributes to the healing of humanity. …
        Every loving thought we think is a powerful key to the kingdom. Through prayer, meditation, and the silence of a profound holiness, we refocus our dispersed and irresponsible thought forms. … In understanding ourselves, we come to understand the world. In allowing ourselves to heal, we become the healers of the world. In praying for peace, we become bringers of peace. …
        Spiritual practice heals us, bringing down light to the regions of our darkness. We need more than brilliant analysis; we need a miracle. The human mind can’t give us that, but the human mind isn’t all we’ve got. The human mind contains a spark of divinity, and that divinity illumines us. The illumined mind has transcended worldly illusion. It’s so drawn to the light that it merges with the light. And in that merger lies the hope for mankind.



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