illuminOur commitment to being part of humanity’s rebirth is our commitment to fundamental change. The change we seek cannot be achieved through any human auspices, but only through the spirit of God. Waiting outside an embattled town are the reinforcements we need in order to win this war, the endless battles we keep waging against the lower energies within ourselves. We must invite the light into us and restore the bridges, open the gates by which it might enter our lives. Spiritual practice is the opening of the gates, now all but locked against God’s love.
        What is our resistance? What has God done to us that we should reject Him so entirely? What has been His crime that we do not allow the all-empowering force of the universe to help us or even give us comfort? Each of us answers this question for ourselves, as we examine why we avoid the use of the angel’s wings that have been given to us, yet struggle so hard to get the sparrow to lend us his.
        And we all know the answer: We were taught such lies as children, lies about God’s anger, His revenge and His judgment. We were taught such irrelevant historical tales instead of being shown the blinding light, more dazzling than a thousand suns, that is the truth of God’s loved passed on from heart to heart.



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