illumin Each morning, or any time you are about to go anywhere or do anything, go over the scenario in your mind. Pray, consciously, that the circumstance in question be used for the purposes of love, that God’s rays of light might shine upon it.
        Part of our mind is bent on love, and part of it is bent on fear. That is how consciousness operates. The loving mind is called the spirit of God … . We always have the choice to align ourselves with its presence and act accordingly in the world or give in to fear and, on some level, die.
        The problem is that the voice of the spirit is not the dominant voice of the world. Fear is louder than love here. It takes conscious effort, therefore, to go against the voices of the world and to actualize our spiritual nature.
        The purpose of daily prayer is the cultivation of a sense of the sacred. Sacred energy renews us. Lives with no more sense of spiritual meaning than that provided by shopping malls, ordinary television, and stagnant workplaces are barren lives indeed. Spirituality enriches culture. Prayer enables us to transform the world, because it transforms us. From the moment we awaken each morning, our minds are at work in one direction or the other. Either we are slaves to the fearful mental habit patterns that dominate our world, or we are consciously taking part in the counterforce to the world’s despair.



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