illuminPrayer for Clearing Up the Past 
Dear God,
Please take my past and take my future.
Transform them both through the miracle of Your power into energies of love and love only.
May I know the present as You would have me see it.
May I see only You in everyone and everything that I might be dazzled by the light, lifted up by the light, given joy by the light, and made new by the light.
Release me from my past and deliver me to my future.
In You I trust; nothing else is real.
In You I have faith; nothing else has power.
And so it is that I am where I belong, and I shall strive for nothing.
I am at home; may I feel this and be at peace.
For I would rob myself no longer through my vain imaginings and torment thoughts.
You are my life.
You are here and now.

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