Prayer to Release Outcome


Prayer to Release

After a brief interlude, we continue our journey through Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata. Required reading for me every 2 years for the sake of my spiritual growth.
Dear God,
I release this business, project or goal to You.
I know that my tension, my control,
   and my direction do not serve the project or You.
May my resources be used by You.
I ask only that Your will be done.
I have shown up, Father,
I have done as I have felt You have asked me to do.
And now I place all outcome in Your hands.
May my efforts gladden you,
May my work please you.
I am here only to do Your bidding, that I might feel lighter,
   that I and the entire world might be healed.

Prayer for Deliverance

Dear God,
I desire to help create a new context for human work and wealth, in which all people might prosper, in which all poverty might disappear, in which all of us might achieve as You would have us achieve, and give to others as You would have us give.
Let the illusions that hold us back, dear God, as individuals and as a society, now disappear.
Let me have new energy.
Let me have a new sense of purpose.
Let me know that I am on this earth to serve.
Let me not feel guilty about the expression of my power.
Let me no longer play small, regardless of other people’s reactions to me when I play big.
I am willing to receive an expanded set of options that You, dear God, might work miracles in my life, that You might cast out all negative and limited conditions of this world.
May I receive a future unlike the past, for myself and others.
For I now open my mind to possibilities I have not dreamed of, to forces of life I have not allowed in, and to realms of joy I have hardly imagined.
I let go.
I release everything that blocks me in this endeavor, from my past, from my present, and from my future.
May I awaken from the dream of my inadequate self.