illuminPrayer for a Peaceful Death
Dear God,
I think I am going to die.
I think I’m going to leave this world.
Give me strength, Lord, that I might not fear.
I know, dear God, that when I leave I do not die, that when I die I shall continue to live in Your arms, in Your mind, in Your spirit forever.
And yet, dear Lord, my heart beats wildly.
I am so scared.
My heart breaks to be leaving those I love: my friends, my mate, my children, my loves.
And yet I know I shall not be leaving.
Heal my heart that I might know this.
Heal theirs also that they might know that we are bound together forever, through your power, which is greater than the power of death.
For the arms of God are the arms of life.
Dear God, I surrender my body to You.
If it serves Your purposes, then may I live.
And if the arc of destiny now calls me home, then let me die in peace, dear God.
Send the Angel of Death to me when it is my time.
Let me feel the Angel’s tenderness as I exit this world and enter the next.
Let me go from dark to light.
Let me feel the love of God.
Please comfort me and those I love.
Now while I wait, now while I face my fears and my pain,
Let me see the truth and know Your peace.
May my family and friends now feel the same.
For we shall not be torn asunder.
Our love is larger than death.
Our bond is eternal.
So I believe, so shall I feel, now and forever.
Hallelujah, Lord.
For Yours is the power and the glory and love.
You are with me as I am with You.
Thank you, God, for what has been.
Thank you, God, for what shall be.
Forgive me my darkness.
Reveal to me Your light.
Bless my family.
Take care of them, my darling ones.
Take me home.
I willingly surrender.
I shall not fear, for You are with me.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord.

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