illuminPrayer for Healing 
Dear God,
My body is sick and I am so scared, so weak, so sad.
Please heal me, Lord.
Whatever the words I am supposed to say, whatever the thoughts that would set me free,
I am willing to have them shine into my mind.
For I wish to be released.
Please give me a miracle.
Please give me hope.
Please give me peace.
Lift me up beyond the regions of my pain and despair.
Prepare each cell to be born anew into health and happiness, peace and love.
For You are the power, not this sickness.
You are the truth, not this illusion.
You are my salvation, not the doctor.
I am willing to rise, to let go all false thinking to release this false condition.
For this is not freedom, and I wish to be free.
This is not peaceful, and I desire peace.
This is not Your will for me, that I would suffer or feel pain.
I accept Your will for me.
I accept Your healing.
I accept Your love.
Please, dear God, help me.
Take me home.
Am I prepared to accept the healing given by God? Even if it means the healing doesn’t manifest in the physical realm for many days, months or even years later? Will I hold it against God for not healing me right away – for not healing me in my time? What if the healing I pray for never comes on this side of the grave? What do I do then?

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