illuminPraying for someone is a gracious act. It gives blessing to the one who prays, as well as to the person who is prayed for.
        Every day, during times of prayer, let us think of the people in our lives we love most. Let us remember our children, our parents, our siblings. Let us consciously thank God that they exist, and ask for holiness in our relationships with them.
        Imagine life to be like a camera: The amount of light in the picture is determined by the size of the aperture at the time the picture is taken. For most of us most of the time, our experience of life and its potential for joy is severely limited by the constriction of our own hearts. It’s as though an aperture is shut, at least partially, that could be completely open. The joy we experience lies less in something new happening and more in our opening our hearts more fully to the love in our lives already. Only love can make us happy, and only we ourselves can determine its presence or absence inside our hearts. To acknowledge love is to increase its capacity to heal us; to ignore love is to let it slip away.

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