Dearly beloved God,
In whom I lay my trust,
Please give me a new life.
Fill every cell of my being, transform each thought, cleanse every heartbeat,
That I might be as You would have me be.
Take away the darkness of my past.
Fill me with Your blessing and graciousness.
Allow me rebirth from the many deaths I have endured in this life.
Dear God,
I have been through the wars.
Where I have been weak, please make me strong.
Where I perceive myself as guilty, please show me my innocence.
Where I block my healing or full empowerment or full experience of love and joy,    please show me my wound and take from me its sting.
May I experience the beauty, the abundance, the power and the joy that is Your wish for all mankind,
That I might be a vessel for these things in the lives of others.
The wicked in myself and others has tormented me.
Please cast away that darkness from my life.
I know Yours is the power,
I know Yours are the holy truths, the currents of love and power that remain,
And so I ask, dear God, please remove the burdens on my heart,
Cast out the demons from my mind and my environs.
May I see the light at the center of my being.
I believe in Your power within me.
I know it is there.
Dear God, help me find it.
I have faith in Your light.
Please show it to me that I might give up the fight to be anything other than who I am.
May I fly with angels and sing with angels and know the angels in myself and others
Henceforth and forever as You have promised.
Please hold my hand.
Please take me home.
Please move me forward.
Thank you, Lord.

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