Dear God,
I surrender to You my wealth, I surrender to You my debts.
Whatever fear I have about money,
   please remove this fear from my mind.
Whether I believe that money is scarce, or money is too important,
   or money is bad, or money is unspiritual, whatever my ideas are
   that block me—and You know what they are—dear Lord, please help me.
I wish to have whatever abundance You see fit for me.
I want money to flow freely into me and through me,
   that it might bless my life and the lives of others.
I surrender to You now any judgments I might have
   on those who have wealth.
I do not wish to judge, for I know
   my judgment holds back my own abundance.
Whatever lack of integrity I might have shown, if I am indebted or
   have violated anyone else, please wash me clean and heal my mind.
I make amends to You and to this person in my heart.
Please show me what behavior You would have me follow, Lord,
   that I might begin again.
Please place within my mind the attitudes toward money that
   You would have me hold.
I give up on my own interpretations and ask for Yours.
Whatever money comes to me, may it be used to serve You.
Thank You very much.

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