So I have ended my journey through Illuminata but I have only begun this day and every day my journey with God. Some days I find myself firmly on the path, side by side with Him; other days I suddenly wake up and find I am lost in the woods of confusion, mired in the mud of despair, or overwhelmed by waves of temptations. And then I begin anew, clawing my way back to the path where God is. He never strays from me – it is I who stray from Him. He is always waiting for me with open arms, without judgment, without anger, and yet, full of Love.
A Way In –
I see in my mind a little ball of golden light.
I watch this light as it begins to grow larger and larger,
   until now it covers the entire inner vision of my mind.
I see within this light a beautiful temple.
I see a garden that surrounds the temple and a body of water
   that flows through the garden.
I see that the inside of the temple is lit by this same beautiful light,
   and I am here.
For I have been drawn here by the power and in the presence of God.
I dedicate my days and my relationships and experiences to You.
May Your Spirit, which is within me, so guide my thoughts, my feelings,
   and my perceptions of all things
That I might grow into a happier, more peaceful, more loving human being.
Illumine my mind, illumine my life.
—Marianne Williamson, Iluminata

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