It’s the little things that I ignore,
The small wonders that I pass by—

You are there,
in the midst of those little things,
those small wonders.
Is it any wonder I wander away from You so often?

Bright and shiny baubles are all I see
and I run to them saying
“God must be here!” or,
“Everything I could ever want is here!”

But You are not in
the bright and shiny baubles of this world.

In a world filled with cold distractions
pulling and tearing me apart
please help me to remember

You are present
in the quiet of the morning,
just before dawn
as the sun gets out of bed,
and brings forth a new day.

You are present
in the small flower
amongst so much grass and weeds
trampled thoughtlessly underfoot;
some say kill the weed
but in that small flower
is a beauty unparalleled
if only I had eyes to see.

You are present
in the moment when
my cat looks at me
with absolute and pure love in his eyes;
a look so fleeting
that if I blink, I will miss it.

Dear Lord,
Help me to see those moments
–more than see them—
to experience them
to breathe them in
to take them and make them a part of me.
For when I take those moments in
it is You I experience
it is You I breathe in
it is You I take in and make a part of me.

Open my eyes
Open my senses
Open my heart
to You.


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