I have a thought – a plan – a desire to do – a project.
It’s a good idea – at least I think it is.

The trouble is –
I don’t know if this idea swirling around in my brain –
Is this idea from You? –
Or is it my own vain imaginings?

If this idea is my own vanity –
It will surely fail –
And even if it succeeds –
If You aren’t present in the work –
Well, the work wouldn’t be worth doing.

If it is You, God –
Then I ask for confirmation –
In whatever form –
You alone know I will recognize.

Beloved Lord God,
I deeply desire to walk the path –
With You –
Not without You –
Keep me true to Your path –
That this idea may come to fruition –
If, and only if, You are in the idea.

Please guide my footsteps in the right way, O Lord.


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