Father God,

Someone I know has received good news today and I am happy for them.
But I am also envious of them.
Why my friend and not me?
I have been waiting longer, working harder, praying all the time.
And yet it was my friend who was rewarded before me.
When will it be my turn?
Don’t I deserve such a blessing?


Heavenly Father, forgive my envy.
Forgive me for acting like a spoiled brat.
Help me to remember that all of Your children are well loved by You.
And You favor no one child over the other, or at the expense of another.
Take the envy I feel and transform it into love.
Let me say without doubt in my heart,
“See, there goes a blessed child of God.”

Help me to remember my time will come and my day will dawn.
The path I walk is different than the path my friend walks.
Only You know the path You are guiding her down.
Only You know why she received her blessing now.
Only You know I needed to learn of the envy that sprang up in my heart.
Only You know I needed to be rid of that terrible seed.
Wash now the envy from my heart and mind.
And let me feel only love and joy for my friend.

Thank you, Precious Father, for the opportunity to reveal a part of my deepest heart that is not of You.
Fill the void with Your loving presence.
I am safe in the knowledge that my day of blessing will come.
And You will send it only when the time is right and not a moment before.
Thank You for letting me learn the blessing of patience.
And thank You for letting me learn the joy of waiting on Your time.



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