Dear God,

Thank You for Your words about perseverance
and pushing though the hard times
and remaining faithful

As a normal (I like to think) human I
want things to go easy
to have a comfortable life
without troubles and conflict.

But the truth of the matter is
with only good things coming
my way I become as a
spoiled child, always expecting—
indeed—deserving of all manner of things
without work
without worry.

But as a loving Father You see to it
that my character is shaped and
formed according to Your Own image.

And how is this great work done?

By hard work and perseverance
the two things I desire the least.

But if I am to lead a truly fulfilled life I
must work hard and persevere
through the rough and tough times.

For it is through adversity and trials
my character is formed.

Will I remain faithful to You or will I
run away from Your truth?

Will I force myself to grow or will I
turn inward and pull away from You?

Will I learn joy in the midst of suffering or will I
succumb to bitterness?

Will I pursue forgiveness or will I
allow hatred to take root in my heart?

These are my choices
and I thank You for them.

Even though I cry and wail how
bitterly unfair life is—

I thank You for the choices I must make
for they shape my character
strengthen my resolve and integrity
and deepen my faith in You.

Help me to remain faithful
during the hard times
that I may rejoice all the more
during the easy times.



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