Thank You for another beautiful day.
Thank You for the lessons I am learning about blessings and giving
It’s a metaphor I know well –you can’t fill a pitcher unless you first empty it—
But I have never taken it to heart in this way.

I believe Your blessings come to me in Your time
But if I’m not ready to receive then how will I contain them?

The principal is so basic—
In order to receive I must first give.

It makes no difference

In order to receive
I must give.

I see people on the side of the road with their signs begging for money.
I refuse to give to them because I think they’re con-artists.
But I see other people give—and I think—
If no one gave they would eventually just give up and leave.

But then Jesus said that the poor will always be around.

But now I’m thinking—
Yes, those folks might be con-artists
Yes, they might make more money in a day by panhandling than I do by working.

But they may also be truly poor, truly homeless, truly hungry.

How am I to know?
They all wear the same uniform: bedraggled, broken down look, dirty clothes, unkept, and so on.

Is it my concern to worry where my dollar or two will go?
Or is the act of giving them that dollar or two more important?

When a giver gives a gift it is no longer theirs.
It belongs to the recipient.

That gift now belongs to someone else and they can do with it what they like.

That can be a hard pill to swallow.
But swallow it I must
In order to receive I must first give.


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