I am distracted today, Lord
Scatterbrained, wandering thoughts
Topics pulling me here
Pulling me there
I don’t know how to pray this morning
I don’t know what to pray this morning.

I am worried about this
I am concerned about that
I want this to happen
But I also want—need—the other to happen.

I am disappointed that something hasn’t happened
I am frustrated by the same boat I’ve been rowing
Every day every day every day every day.

Every day sameness threatens to overwhelm me
The blahness of life is annoying
My whole focus is
Me me me me.

And that’s where I’ve made a wrong turn–
So, let me turn back to the path I’ve wandered from.

Wandering around the forest of me
Is detrimental to my well being.

So, I remember—
To thank You for this day.
To pour out all my concerns and worries and
Discordant thoughts
And once I’ve put them before You—
I must let them go
For You to do Your work with them.

I need to be reminded often
That You care for me
And all my worries and concerns
But as long as I hold on to them
You can’t do Your work.
You need me to let them go.
I need me to let them go.
So I am letting them go.
Just for today I am letting them go.

Dear Lord God,
Do Your perfect work with my
Worries and concerns
You know them all
You know what needs to be done.

Instead of me and my worries being my focus today
Let me instead focus on You
And how I might share Your love today
Share Your light today
Share You today

The Psalmist said
“I lift up my eyes until the hills, from whence comes my help.”

So I take my eyes off of me
And lift them to You.
For You alone are worthy of such concentration
Such focus
Such thought.

Thank you for this day, dear Lord.

Thank You for another day to gaze upon Your glorious love.


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