Dear Lord,

The world is a troubled place.
Wars rage across the oceans
And within the hearts of people.
Your Creation—this beautiful earth and all it contains
Are under a constant threat of extinction
By greedy human predators.

The leaders of our nations are
Untried, full of self-importance,
Desperate to control what they cannot
And most importantly—
Do not seek Your beautiful face and wise council.

What now, Lord,
What now?

How do I pray?
What do I pray?

You already know the woes of this world.
But we need to speak of them in prayer.
You know of the woes we have in our lives.
But we need to tell You in prayer.

But as we tell You in prayer
Asking for Your help, Your guidance, Your protection,
Remind us that just when the world seems out of control—it is not—
Because You are here with us,
In the midst of chaos,
And we can find peace in our hearts and minds.

Every generation through the eons has thought at one time or another
That the world is out of control.
We are no different.
Our worries are old ones
But that doesn’t make them any less impactful.

In the midst of war, You are there to comfort.
In the midst of hunger, You are there to fill us.
In the midst of pain and worry, You are there offering
Strength, love and healing.

Remind us of Your beauty,
Of Your love,
Of Your peace, oh glorious Lord.

Be ever with us
We are not alone in our suffering.
You are here, right now, with us.

We pray to remain always in Your presence.
We pray for our leaders that they may seek Your face.
We pray that hungry bellies will be filled.
We pray that pained souls will find healing.

Glorious Lord,
Gracious God,
You are in control
And nothing happens without Your knowledge.

Keep us, therefore, in Your heart
As we keep You in ours.



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